How to quit playing at online casinos

Online gambling platforms are a great place to relax mentally, relieve stress and at the same time try to hit a solid jackpot. There is always an opportunity to make good money in a casino, and this is the main reason for the attractiveness of all establishments, both online and land-based. But there is another side, much less pleasant. It is not uncommon for a person, carried away by excitement, to be unable to stop in time and lose sums of money that are inadmissible for themselves. The situation is difficult, especially when a gambler does not know what to do if he has lost all the money in a virtual casino. However, refund options exist even in such a situation.

Chargeback – is it possible in practice?

Experts call a chargeback the return of funds to the account from which they were transferred. It is worth clarifying right away that even in theory such a procedure is very troublesome, and the probability of its success is small. The essence of the chargeback is as follows: the player sends a statement to his bank, in which he asks to cancel the payment from his account in favor of the Internet site as illegal. In fact, this is the instruction on how to make moneyback at an online casino. However, in practice, everything is much more complicated. The fact is that in order to successfully resolve the issue of money back, it is necessary to provide clear and convincing evidence that the payment was not made by the will of the account holder. That is, to put it simply, someone else got access to the bank card data and lost money in the casino. In fact, it is not such a rare situation for families in which children are not moderately reckless, and parents are careless about their bank details.

Difficulties and real chances to get your money back

In order for all three participants in the transaction – the player’s bank, the online casino and the payment system – to be fully convinced of the validity of the chargeback claim, significant efforts must be made. Many checks, examinations and even, in some cases, investigative actions must be carried out in order to have the opportunity to return the money. Considering that this method is the only one provided for by the current legislation, it can be understood that the return of money from a casino, virtual and real, is practically impossible.

The smartest way out

In order not to have to rack your brains with thoughts of how to get your money back from the casino, it is best to make a firm and balanced decision to stop playing once and for all. This is especially true for people who feel their excessive exposure to excitement and desire to win. Also, a serious enemy of such people is the desire to recoup at any cost, and the inability to stop until the loss becomes catastrophic. It is better to give up at the beginning, when not so much has been lost, than later, when the victims have become much more. A person is not always able to firmly resist temptation, especially in the case of a passion for gambling.

Gambling mania – are there any way out?

Gambling addiction is a gambling addiction, a condition in which a person cannot exist without gambling. A patient with gambling addiction has impaired adequate perception of reality and shifted priorities. This is a real disease, and it must be treated first of all. Treatment should always begin with the person clearly realizing his problem and starting to fight it. Modern methods make it possible to achieve great success in the treatment of gambling addiction, but only with the support of the patient. As for specific ways to quit gambling at online casinos, before this habit becomes an addiction, then there is a different method for everyone. The method of switching attention and changing occupations helps a lot so that the person is completely absorbed by new impressions.