Belissimo! Pokie

Are you a fan of Italian pizza? Then welcome to Belissimo!, a classical pokie which will also bring some nostalgia for the old traditional pokies. So if you feel like playing a pokie similar to the traditional ones found in the early casinos in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, then Belissimo! won’t disappoint you. Try it out on our page and make up your own mind about it.

As we said that Belissimo! is very close to the classical pokies, you are surely not expecting any advanced features or complicated rounds. In fact you are right. The only other symbol except the traditional bar and seven symbols, is the chef. The latter acts as a wild symbol that creates winning combinations.

Belissimo! settings

The settings for Belissimo! are also very straightforward. You can play with either one coin or two. You can also activate five betlines, that are the three horizontal ones and two diagonals. Now this might not be so synonymous to the traditional pokies, but still it is very simple to understand.
As we said, the wild symbol is an Italian pizzaiolo, or pizza baker.

So if you get two identical symbols followed by a pizzaiolo, then you’ve won! Moreover this lovely pizza baker can be translated into credits. You can win as much as 5, 000 credits when he and his colleagues show up on a betline. So, pizza anyone?

This is probably just as much that you should know about this pokie. Needless to say, Belissimo! might not be the perfect choice for whoever is looking for a sophisticated gaming experience, but rather it works well for those of you that prefer classical simplicity over modern advancements. Well, this is it for now from our side. Ciao and buona fortuna, as the Italians would say.