Astronomical Pokie

Are you interested in stars, planets and astronomy in general? Do you feel nostalgic when you think about the traditional pokies? If you answered yes to any, if not both, of these questions, then Astronomical is certainly the pokie you’ve been waiting for. Astronomical is not a complex pokie, but a true classic with clear profit opportunities. By no means do not underestimate this pokie; after trying it for some time you might be in for some pleasant surprises.

Those of you who played 7 Oceans, another pokie by Microgaming, have already witnessed something similar. Both the latter and Astronomical consist of just one active payline, and your target is to aline the same symbols on the active payline. Symbols used in Astronomical include the classical bar symbols and cherries, as well as planets. You can choose to play with one, two or three coins, and of course the biggest wins are made when playing with the maximum amount of coins.

Speaking of big wins, we must not forget to mention that Astronomical can make you win as much as 8000 credits that are then exchanged for real money. Winning is made easier by means of the wild symbol represented by the Astronomical logo. If this is displayed once in your winning combination, then the payout is doubled. On the other hand if it shows twice, then profits will be four times bigger!

Before we end this review we shall not forget to explain the expert mode facility. We’re confident that most of you know what this is and the advantages it brings along. However, for those who don’t know, during the Expert mode you’ll be able to make the wheels spin automatically. Yes, you heard right; sit down, relax and enjoy the winnings.

Well, we guess more than this we cannot say. This is probably one of the most direct pokies you will ever play. As we said, if you are one of those players that misses traditional pokies, then you should really give this pokie a try. In the case that you’ve never played anything similar, try it just the same, you might get a new favourite. Whatever the case, you can check out the free demo version on this page.