7 Oceans Pokie

If you have ever been to one of the many casinos in Las Vegas, or have seen any of the infinite movies featuring casinos, the first things that comes into your mind when thinking about casino is the long rows of pokies. And when we talk about pokies we’re thinking about those huge boxes with three wheels and a lever on the right side; in short, the classical pokie.
7 Oceans is just that, the perfect classical pokie which nowadays, thanks to Microgaming, you can find online.


Here you will find only one active payline, and no complicated winning combinations. As we said, for those of you who prefer these traditional, relatively simple, pokies, this is definitely what you have wished for all along. Winning is simple, all you need to have is the same symbol displayed on the centre line, and of course the symbols are the traditional sevens and bars. It definitely couldn’t get more traditional than this!

We really think you should try 7 Oceans offered up here as we believe it will be a very unique experience. After a while playing at this pokie we felt as if we went back to the early twentieth century, when pokies were initially introduced. You can choose to play with either one coin, as well as with two or three coins at once.

The coin value varies according to your choice. In order to try to win a big amount by getting a row of sevens, which is probably what you’re chasing after when playing 7 Oceans, you have to bet all three coins. We’re sure that now you’re thinking, but of course, big stakes lead to big wins!

One thing about this pokie that you will certainly appreciate is the fact that even when you do not get three of the same symbol, you still get a consolation prize. So when everything seems to be going down the drain, there is no need to despair as you will still be getting something back. This is perhaps a feature that you might want all the traditional pokies to have.

There is not much more to say about 7 Oceans since more straightforward than this it cannot get. We’d say that 7 Oceans is not ideal for the innovative pokie player in search of new advanced pokies, but rather for the pokie player that might be feeling a little bit nostalgic and misses the traditional simple pokies.